allFX-Consult in Larnaca after the successful Nicosia visit

June 6, 2019

Larnaca, here we come!

But first, this week’s Nicosia visit recap, in two sentences:

1. Although not the purpose, no new projects closed or checks signed – bummer, we know


2. It was a refreshing “get-out-of-the-office-and-meet-people-hello…!!!” experience, and enjoyed every minute!

Yeap, the industry is vibrant and very much alive, even when everyone thinks it’s hibernating behind desks and daily routines…

Next stop – Larnaca on Thursday, June 13. No need to think too much, at your office or outside, in your capacity at work or individually!

Go ahead and send an email to to arrange time and place - see you soon!

allFX-Consult in Nicosia for two days

May 28, 2019

Usually you get posts like “see you in lovely Zurich” or “let’s meet up in Dubai” or “let’s catch up in London”

Well… we are heading to Nicosia, Cyprus all the way from Limassol, Cyprus on Monday and Tuesday (June 3rd-4th) for a full day’s face to face, mano a mano, with new and existing partners!

It would be a pleasure to grab a coffee with anyone available, preferably industry participants (not that we have any beef with other industries but come on… a kiosk messaged us once…

For bookings please send an email to – see you soon

We meet interesting people every day – Don’t hesitate to reach out

Current trends in selling online CFD’s – a European Brokerage’s challenge in 2019

February 6, 2019

Due to increased demand for understanding today’s needs and challenges that brokerages face when it comes to lead generation and sales techniques, allFX-Consult has been networking with companies all over Cyprus, to discuss methodologies and ways of adapting to the new era.

Part of our discussions relate to:

• Current trends in selling online CFD’s
• Regulation and today’s European leads
• European Vs offshore jurisdictions; what’s real and what’s myth?
• Cold calling – a necessary evil. How to move forward?

We would love to schedule an introductory meeting with your team and explore how we could potentially address most of the issues that concern the income generation of today’s European Brokerages.

To book a meeting, please send an email at and we will arrange time and place. Early bookings are easier to manage, due to high demand.

game changers
allFX-Consult in the 7th issue of Game Changers Magazine (pages 31,32 and 33)

September 21, 2017

2017 has been a great year for allFX-Consult and although projects continue to present unprecedented challenges, it’s all part of the game we signed up for.

Although business remained constant and not much other than hard work to mention in our news section, we’re proud to share our published article in the magazine that will surely change the game by shining light to all the game changers of the industry.

Game Changers magazine featured a Q&A on the core strengths of allFX-Consult and it’s been a great honour to contribute to their content. Throughout the article we explore how allFX-Consult came to be, the challenges every broker faces when it comes to asking for help, the process that characterises our network’s efficiency.

We would like to thank once more, the production team behind the magazine and wish that they keep up the great work by bringing forward great content along with the game changers of the industry.

All editions of the Game Changers Magazine including issue #7 can be found here

For the full press release (in greek) – click here

For the full press release (in russian) – click here

allFX Consult office forex expo banners
allFX Consult celebrates 2 years since its registration

June 23, 2016

Solutions and consulting advice has been offered since early 2012 by members of today’s team. On the 23rd of June 2014, our vision, hard work and enthusiasm, key characteristics of a team motivated to change the day to day habits of forex brokerages, was realized with the registration of allFX Consult.

Since the beginning we were determined not to take on projects that went against our beliefs, that we would stand strong defenders of market education and ethical business conduct, as well as firm supporters of the notion that the investor's mentality toward the market would slowly but surely turn positive. Evidently, most of allFX Consult partnerships since then aimed toward these goals.

Although financially may not have been wise:

1. We never took on any binary projects.
2. We rejected Sales teams that turned their back on education.
3. We refused to pass around scripted answers to client questions.
4. We turned down more or less 30% of incoming requests either due to
(a) regulatory issues or
(b) changes required by us, were against brokerages greedy/boiler room tactics.

Despite the above, contacts and referrals that worked with us somehow in the past, from all over the world keep reaching out, in need of serious, professional help. In need of strong policies and procedures that aim to relieve department pressure and ease the communication between departments. In need of education for both management and employees on how to set-up, monitor and control their operations. In need of competitive products and services based on industry standards and competitive analysis, rather than over-inflated egos.

We are forever grateful

and hope we can keep contributing to keeping industry standards where they belong. High enough, where unethical practices, high pressure sales tactics and greed have no place.

We love what we do and we’ve been doing it for a long time

allFX Consult moves into new office space
January 5, 2016
allFX Consult is proud to announce the new location of the agency’s headquarters. Situated in the heart of Limassol, this new location can now accept industry professionals from around the world, in a friendly and professional environment.

It’s important to note that as always, our services continue to be provided at the broker’s locations. Our approach complements a Sales Director role (with a fraction of the cost associated with the position, NO commissions on earnings and measurable results early on) right there on the spot, as a fully functional member of the team.

This new location will serve as a checkpoint for all our operations and consultants contracted by allFX Consult as well as a meeting point for brokers to discuss their challenges and proposed solutions.

The new address is 19 Georgiou Makfadden Str, Sophia Court, Office 23, 3101 Limassol, Cyprus.

We welcome anyone to visit us for a coffee and a free consultation.

forex job cyprus
SPREAD THE WORD; Fight Unemployment
July 6, 2015
With numbers of new employees, placed by allFX Consult in various forex brokers exceeding 30, allFX Consult decided to raise the stakes one more time and initiate a program, targeting the ever increasing rates of unemployment in Cyprus.

SPREAD THE WORD; Fight Unemployment is the name of the program, inviting everyone to participate and share, so that everyone can get equal opportunities in entering the forex arena.

allFX Consult is an FX Sales and Operations consultancy; we train the non-experienced and give equal opportunities irrespective of one's background or if they have a client base and/or portfolio. Since before its inception, allFX Consult has always favored motivation, hard work and individuality, three very important characteristics one would require, in order to become successful in such a competitive environment.

All CV's are welcome, from any background and any nationality, so be a part of this fight against unemployment and SPREAD THE WORD that allFX Consult is ready to help build a stronger, financially stable community for all and crush the statistical numbers that plague our community in the recent years.

A big thank you to everyone who is already participating in the program.

allfx consult forex amsterdam
allFX Consult at the Financial Partners expo in Amsterdam on June 24, 2015 talks about "How to become a broker"
May 8, 2015
allFX Consult is proud to announce its participation as a speaker at the Financial Partners expo that will be held in Amsterdam, on the 23rd to the 26th of June, 2015.

Anyone that worked in this industry, can tell you that opening your own brokerage can be a challenging endeavor but also a rewarding one.
If you are set on starting up your own Brokerage, there are many reasons that can determine your success. It is also important however to be aware of both the benefits and challenges involved in becoming a Broker, especially in the market we find ourselves in today.
Find out more about where you can get support and learn from scenarios provided on what to do and what to avoid.

This is a great opportunity to meet the allFX Consult team and communicate in person all the challenges yourself or your organization is facing, and receive concrete answers and solutions.

We look forward to seeing you all there.

Press Release - allFX Consult Officially Launches its Website and Services After a 6 Month Beta Launch
April 2, 2015
allFX Consult announces officially the kick off of its operations through a press release on April 2nd, 2015.

During beta period, the on boarding of certain number of projects, the trainings and placement of a good number of new employees as well as our partnership program, directed that we officially announce our business to the public.

Through an innovative, hands on approach to the operations of FX companies, allFX Consult managed to merge complete Sales Trainings of a sales team with an overhaul of the existing operations to enhance and strengthen the sales process.

This is among the first fully fledged models of an advisory services team, structuring from scratch or restructuring the operations of FX companies, emphasizing on the human resource and utilizing it, with end goal maximum return from each resource.

Take charge of your operations and get in touch with us today

forex 2015
Goodbye 2014, hello 2015! allFX Consult closed last year with 3 new agreements (2 White Labels and 1 Tied Agent) brokered by our team
January 3, 2015
For the past 9 years, allFX Consult team members have been gathering contacts, information, knowledge that would eventually become the backbone of what and who we are today.

We are proud to announce the closing of 2014, with 3 new deals/agreements referred and brokered by allFX Consult, a number that once again proves the constant growth of our team, within the heart of the FX industry in Cyprus, as well as abroad.

In the dawn of 2015, we are working towards bigger goals, with more companies joining Cyprus, and with our help ensure solid operational foundations as a base for the future.

A big thank you, once again to our trusted partners and a wish for a great 2015.

allFX-Consult is now looking for Marketing professionals with Forex experience
October 2, 2014
A good Sales Rep is nothing without a strong marketing department that generates leads and displays the image of the organization.

Although Marketing is not part of allFX-Consult service, we do however know what to look for with regards to setting up the marketing department of a forex broker.

Please browse through our Now Hiring section to view various Marketing positions as they open. Even if you don't see the position you are looking for, please do send your CV anyway and we will contact you as soon as something relevant opens up.

hiring forex jobs
allFX-Consult is proud to announce placement of 16 new employees in various positions of its ongoing projects
September 10, 2014
As part of our service to forex brokers in Cyprus and abroad, we commit to finding the correct individuals that will play a significat role in the future of our trusted partners.

We wanted to share this last placement in our Company news section, since it is testimony to the growth of allFX-consult, which has been only 3 months operational and in business.

A team is only as strong as its weakest link, therefore we commit in taking all the necessary steps to ensure all links are strong and productive.

A big thank you to our trusted partners and a wish for a successful career to all our placements.

forex sales reps
allFX-Consult is hiring Sales Reps for its ongoing projects
July 13, 2014

As part of its ongoing projects, allfx-consult continues to lead with successful consulting, trainings and placement of Sales Reps, in collaboration with forex brokers in Cyprus.

As the project number increases, so is the need for human resource that will add value to the forex sales teams allFX-Consult is hired to structure and/or restructure.

Go through our Now Hiring section to browse through the languages we are currently seeking and send your CV now.

If your language is not a part of this section, do send your CV anyway because we will probably see you on the next round.

Important to remember; allFX-Consult guarantees placement if your CV is chosen, since you will be included in the trainings to structure the Sales Team of a forex broker.

allFX-Consult launches its new website
June 27, 2014

After the registration of the allFX-Consult trademark, the team launched today its new website. As our clientele increases, so is the need for online presence that pinches our service offerings right in the heart of the FX industry, both in Cyprus and the European Union as well.

It is with great pride that we welcome all visitors and clients to interact with us through the website, but also gather any information they require to carry on with their business.

We wish all of our viewers, enjoyabe browsing.

allFX-Consult registers its official Trade Name
June 23, 2014

By offering services through its outsourced consultants, the allFX-Consult team members established themselves in the financial services industry as professionals with integrity, experience and reliability.

It is because of the trust of our connections that we decided to officially register allFX-Consult as a Trade Name (EE 40517), as part of our expansion in the region and other European countries.

We strongly believe that this step will strengthen even more our team's infrastructure and enhance our relationship with clients even more.

On behalf of the allFX-Consult team, we thank you for your support and promise that we will always deliver.