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Databases; one big ocean Vs many small ponds…

Another long day of calls, prospect handling and sales cycles. You want to stay ahead of prospects but today’s vast array of information renders it impossible. Customers are way ahead, like those marathon runners who flash by you as you try to complete one third of the race gasping for air, with each pace being more painful than the other.

Throughout the years we inevitably accumulate a massive number of leads that are now swimming in our vast ocean of prospects. And if the marketing strategy of our company is strong, with each day this number increases more and more. Part of the sales process is knowing what’s in this database of ours as it helps with our follow ups and a more focused or targeted way of working.

Looking into the example of the ocean, how can we really know all the fish that are swimming in it given the number of species, the unlimited color variations, the extreme size differences and so on and so forth… We probably have better chances knowing what’s in a smaller body of water, say a lake or an even smaller one, say a pond.

Similarly we can not really say we know all the leads that are swimming in our database unless we also separate them in smaller pools of data according to our history with them. Articles around the “era of Big Data” exploded and as a result of keeping up to date with today’s standards, customer relation management (CRM) systems now do this for us and separate the databases with all sorts of categories and filters, more like those Matryoshka dolls that are nesting one inside the other. The idea; divide and conquer… The little time you need to allocate to divide the database into segments, the better you know what lies in your many smaller lakes and ponds rather than your one big ocean.

Other than providing you with a segmentation and targeted daily work, the systems could also analyze this information and provide intelligence on the brokerage’s next steps, possible campaign ideas and as a result, render the human creativity, experience, decision making, obsolete.

In our quest for success though, is it possible that we completely missed the point? And did we as a result allow this to become an excuse for not doing what we’re supposed to do?

Truth is that there are not as many fresh leads coming on a daily basis in contrast with a few years back. So from the company’s perspective are we really sure that this great tool we are providing to our sales department is really working for or against us? I’m sure we can agree that most sales reps canvass for prospects, lose half the day reading past comments and pass the time scanning through categories rather than proactively picking up the phone and just, dial.

What happened to knowing and believing in our product, understanding and crashing our competitors, loving and hating the sales role? Classifications like “not interested” or “potential” or “archive” or “active” matter very little when one’s determined to actually close a sale.

Not to level everything, having some knowledge of the prospect’s history is equally important and let’s face it; he who has knowledge spares his words and in the sales world, you would prefer to do more listening than talking so having some of that precious history to work with, definitely helps.

To make a long story short, the job is to make the call and ultimately use your skills to get interest, not make yourself lose interest by the categorizations or comments, and ultimately lose any skills left to motivate you to make that call…

See what just happened? Call – use skills – get interest Vs lose interest – doubt skills – no call.

We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars.Oscar Wilde

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