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Sales; it’s a boxing match. In one corner you have…

It is not uncommon for sales reps in this industry to fail; reasons vary with the most common ones being selling the non sellable and/or selling the wrong sale.

Confusing I get it; but read further and we can argue about it later.

Think of a boxing match between two sales reps; in one corner you have a top seller of many small figured accounts. Although strong in on-boarding new (small) accounts, this person is weak in selling big accounts, institutional accounts or partnerships.

In the other corner you have a great seller of big accounts, master in networking and establishing new partnerships. This person is weak though in on-boarding smaller accounts maybe due to the sales process used or inconsideration to the smaller return on his effort (smaller commission on small accounts).

The two fight for a winning spot as the employee of the month; the ultimate sales person. Both outperforming in their respective sales, one with an amazing number of opened small accounts, the other with smaller numbers of new accounts, but bigger in size, some of them could even be networks. Whom should we consider a winner?

Now if you choose one as a winner but also praise the other for an equally good job, then you’re heading the right direction. The problem arises when you under qualify and fail to recognize the other’s hard work, effort and final result. Due to repletion in everything as well as industry saturation, today’s management uses a systemic way of promoting talent and handling sales departments; there is a tendency to burn through the sales reps and finally data. The delegated responsibilities are for all or nothing and there is no scouting and/or talent promotion.

Whether we like it or not, without categorization comes burn and failure. Inadequacy in identifying and promoting talent and achievements although a big problem in our processes, it also signifies our weak overall procedures that can only lead to bad results. There is nothing worse than a good sales rep to think of being a low performer because of the inability of the company he/she works for to recognize potential.

Inadequacy might be a strong word but the problems don’t start with the soldiers, they end with them. The problems start with the captains who run the show and their inexperience to handle the tasks at hand. There is no coaching or copying the experienced anymore. There’s only hiring “experienced” sales reps with the head of sales shouting and blaming for low numbers.

You have a head of sales that’s like that; get rid of them and start fresh. You don’t know how to start fresh? Find someone who can. The competition is fierce and you need real tools to manage your expensive leads, you don’t need “tools” to work you until there’s nothing left.

Is there anything left? Your move…

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