SPREAD THE WORD; Fight Unemployment in Cyprus

An initiative of allFX-Consult


If you look up definitions relating to unemployment you will see terms like voluntary, involuntary, cyclical, Keynesian, frictional, structural, classical, seasonal, hardcore and hidden unemployment.

So many “names” for a very straight forward issue. Do they really matter?

As of June 2015, cystat published that the unemployment in Cyprus is 40,876 persons, up from 39,672 persons, according to the previous month report. You can click here to see the reports.

The recent crisis in Cyprus as well as the current economic situation in Greece, has left us to ponder on whether or not it is logical to expect a better, stable and more promising tomorrow. That is not only for our own personal finances but also for our community. With financial statistics and economic speculations bombarding us every day through the media as well as informal discussions, some of us raise the stakes and wonder “what are WE really doing to help with the situation”?


About allFX-Consult


allFX-Consult is an FX Sales and Operations consultancy; we train the non-experienced and give equal opportunities irrespective of one’s background or if they have a client base and/or portfolio. Since before its inception, allFX-Consult has always favored motivation, hard work and individuality, three very important characteristics one would require, in order to become successful in such a competitive environment.

The forex industry in Cyprus, has over the years supported the Cypriot economy by becoming a hub, for international entities that choose the island as a destination to establish their operations. Whether or not it’s due to Cyprus tax benefits or strong regulatory environments, the point is that these organizations choose Cyprus to carry on with their business. And yet, the majority of these entities still look for experienced candidates to fill their positions.

Decisions like this are what we at allFX-Consult consider a gamble. Why? Because it is an unfortunate fact that the greater percentage of experienced candidates, come with attitudes and needs that most of these organizations, especially start -ups cannot handle. This costly recruitment decision adds up to the constant recycling of personnel, moving from one organization to the next, hoping to find what might never be found.


SPREAD THE WORD; ight Unemployment in Cyprus


Within the 9 plus years, in which the consultants of allFX-Consult have been training candidates to fill sales related roles of forex brokers, we have come to the conclusion that if you give non-experienced individuals the necessary tools and knowledge, they can be as effective and productive, as the experienced ones, if not more.

allFX-Consult initiated the program “SPREAD THE WORD; Fight Unemployment in Cyprus”, a program that will give equal opportunities to hard workers, motivated individuals with no previous experience to join this ever increasing market.

All CV’s are welcome, from any background and any nationality, so be a part of this fight against unemployment in Cyprus and SPREAD THE WORD that allFX-Consult is ready to help build a stronger, financially stable community for all and crush the statistical numbers that plague our community in the recent years.