Build up your sales management on solid structures | and to top it off, do it remotely

NEW | Remote Sales Management
For serious industry players
Longer engagement with our service
A step up from simply training a team
Huge cost reduction from hiring full time
Spend where you should, leave the rest to us

Everyone chooses remote, what about you?
Step out of the stone age, join the modern era
Always moving forward
with services that work

With over a decade’s accumulated material and extensive experience in handling forex sales departments, allFX-Consult innovates once more with RSM, a revolutionary & remote sales management program.

With RSM, we remain a strong point of contact for the teams we build (in Cyprus and abroad) with no compromises and no restrictions, after the completion of the sales training.

*RSM is available exclusively for teams trained by allFX-Consult

Remote Sales Management
in a nutshell
Formulate strategy
Sign contracts, NDAs
Terms of business
Hire and train a sales team
Remote training
is not an option
Connect securely & remotely
One dedicated screen
on your side/location
Fix shifts, daily/ hourly schedule
Subject to team size
& location (time diff.)
Manage the team as if we’re there
Reports, call monitoring
numbers and targets
All work/hours can be recorded
Know what you pay
Why RSM works for you?
Why RSM works for us?

Good human resource can be scarce in most regions. Get expertise anywhere while keeping costs low


Exclusive number of recorded hours allocated to your business. You know exactly what’s been done


Extremely low costs compared to hiring full time. Flexible pricing depending on size of operations


Over a decade’s accumulated material, methods & experience at your fingertips through RSM


Adds value to our training by being a fixed point of contact, part of the daily work of the sales team


Being part of the constant growth our trainees bring to their brokerage, is the best reward we could ask


When trainers are available for daily Q&A it provides stability to the team ensuring increase in numbers


Places the base for further growth by developing the departments to handle larger teams and targets

Sales Management will never be the same again | Check out the packages below

RSM packages designed for any broker size
No restrictions, no compromises
RSM Business3,000/moIn combination with the GREY package

No on-boarding fees

You can exit any time

No account closing fees

Get RSM Business
Most Popular
RSM Enterprise2,500/moIn combination with the BLACK package

No on-boarding fees

You can exit any time

No account closing fees

Get RSM Enterprise
So what does the RSM program entail?

Travel to your location to hire/train the sales team and then continue remotely after completion. A training on steroids

A Sales Manager
exclusively and daily for 3-4 hours a day. Through shifts we can take care of countries with big time difference

Live streaming on a TV, as if the sales manager is actually at your office. It’s been tested and most importantly, it works

Sales reps can ask direct questions, get information/support, discuss their numbers, reports, effective/non-effective calls

We can finally cater to our large client base that has been asking for longer retainers that we could not accommodate

Excellent program for offshore companies that want to minimise costs by adding quality with no relocating or full time hassles

And much, much more!

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