Chosen for being discrete, detail oriented, deadline driven


The last few years were challenging for everyone. Businesses were forced to reset their way of thinking and re-evaluate their strategies. With the support of our ever growing network and our unparalleled commitment of providing quality FX Consulting to an industry that demands it, we entered 2022 stronger than ever.

From simple outsourced Sales Trainers, we stand today in the middle of a network of Individuals, Service Providers and Brokers, creating lifelong partnerships and playing a small part in the future shape of the FX Consulting industry. A big thank you to our network for their support all these years!

Stronger in 2022 with enhancements on all programs and packages:

Our skills
Capital Market Trainers 100 %
Institutional Business 100 %
Industry knowledge 100 %
Brokerage Operations 100 %
Human Resources 100 %
More than a provider 100 %
Training your team is only the beginning
Our industry reach will meet any corporate challenge

Have you been through enough excuses for non-productivity already? Is the statement “it’s the company’s fault for not doing a,b,c…” finally getting old?

Better late than never… Support your team via a comprehensive sales team training. We train Sales reps for companies located in Cyprus or abroad that want to receive top notch service while avoiding the extreme costs of running an in-house program.

Our service complements the work of a full time Sales Director, with guaranteed savings of up to 75% in recruitment/operational costs, no commissions charged on earnings and measurable results after on boarding our service.

Find out more about our NEW Remote Sales Management (RSM) program.


Through a carefully selected panel of professionals operating under the umbrella of allFX-Consult in Cyprus and abroad, our solution caters to every requirement and need, that today’s brokerages are built on!

We’re chosen for being discrete, detail oriented and deadline driven, all necessary qualities when choosing the right solution.

Fully customizable, based on your requirements. Nothing’s set in advance, no forced relationships with specific companies, add your own providers where you see fit and create the perfect business plan that caters to your needs. Use the  allFX-Consult network in part or in full to Start a Forex Brokerage.


Our Institutional program quickly became one of the most desirable, diversified programs due to its variety of options, relative to the needs of the market.

Connected with a large number of brokers in Cyprus and abroad, we can overcome the most complex structures through a large network of opportunities and shared business. This was one of the reasons we can not Start a Forex Brokerage for any type of network..

With allFX-Consult you will never JUST be a client – we support our partner’s operations, numbers, future… you will possibly receive a lot more than you paid for the use of our service.. 

From our blog:

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16+ years in the Industry
Departments that are built around people are the most costly and less viable. Departments that are built around industry standards, competitive analysis and decades of experience, will be with you forever.
Education, Training, Goals

The time when we could give our sales team one page with reading material, then send them off to call prospects and generate income has passed. We deliver education, strengthened muscle memory through simulations and the policies/systems/information to achieve the goals set by you.

With the support of a large network
of individuals, service providers and brokers
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