Start a Forex Brokerage
Reasonably and efficiently

allFX-Consult is a boutique forex consulting agency, catering to quality rather than quantity. For over a decade, our Directors have been connecting with some of the best individuals/professionals, service providers and brokers the industry has to offer ensuring we can meet any corporate challenge relative to how to start a forex brokerage.

allFX-Consult always has a counterpart/partner for any forex corporate structure. Before introductions/ connections take place, we thoroughly examine all possibilities.

We’re chosen for being discreet, detail oriented and deadline driven.

allfx consult forex brokerage solution
Most popular choices among investors
who want to start a brokerage
Through a partnership

Use a partner's structures already in place until you're ready to do it yourself.
Suitable for networks that want to test specific jurisdictions, common cases with banking issues or businesses operating an unregulated structure.
Start immediately after agreements are signed, save time and costs associated with a do it yourself program.
Remunerations for each party depend on each case and will be thoroughly discussed with our team.

Do it yourself

Create your own structures whether in EU and/or Offshore, regulated or unregulated and be tied to no one.
This decision is usually followed by pre-existing work carried out as a network - IB, White Label, Tied Agent Affiliate - and is the obvious step towards setting up your own brokerage.
Suited also for investors with no previews experience, who want to setup operations reasonably and efficiently.
Most popular choice, when the decision to own a brokerage is made.

How to start a forex brokerage
simplified operational chain
1 of 7
Research & planning
2 of 7
Register a company
With license or not
3 of 7
Setup your banking
Direct or other
4 of 7
Build a website
Add info from plan
5 of 7
Buy Platform/CRM/BO
W.Label/full license
6 of 7
Connect PSPs & wallets
Direct/Payment Agent
Supporting brokers for over a decade in EU and abroad
through customised packages that fit any type
RED1,500/caseTime frame: 2 weeks

We’ll discuss your case

Make recommendations on next steps, formulate a strategy that everyone agrees with

Decide on suitable partners and broker your requirements (up to 5 recorded hours)

Introduce, connect and support the setup of your structure

Most Popular
GREY5,000/caseTime frame: 1 month

Get everything in RED

Train your Sales Department with the most comprehensive training in the industry (up to 7 Sales Reps)

Class B priority for Institutional business (IBs and White Labels)

Optional: 15% Discount on Remote Sales Management (RSM)

BLACK25,000/startingTime frame: 2+ months

Get everything in GREY

Coordinate some or all of the below as required:

Research and Business Plan

Register a company (with license or not)

Setup your banking (Direct or other)

Website and Marketing Plan

Setup platforms (Full license or WL)

Connect PSPs and Wallets

Educate yourself on EU and Offshore Jurisdictions
with their requirements


With medium costs and strong regulatory framework, one of the best options for EU regulations


With high license renewal costs and capital requirements, ensuring that only the strong will survive


With medium sized capital requirements that can later be used for operations and a corporate account


Local office (after the amendment act of 2018) is now a must but with no capital requirements


With local office and employee prerequisites, medium sized capital requirements, great incentives


With no capital or office requirements since there is no regulation, simply register and start

Start a forex brokerage
in three simple steps
Step 1

Contact us – You’re only but a click away from joining the biggest market in the world

Step 2

We will form a plan – understand the risks, the rewards, choose wisely not emotionally

Step 3

Connect, build and start your own forex brokerage quickly and efficiently

Lets begin
With step 1

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