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Sales reps; a closer look… here’s a question: can a person sell underwear to a nudist?

Forex sales require knowledge and skills, attitude and habits, scripts and time management, team and personal ambition, motivation and hard work…

The question is which of the above do we possess? Some or maybe all of the above attributes must have already marked our career, shaken the foundations of who we were, shaped who we’re going to become in the future.

We often hear cases like “this guy can sell ice to an Eskimo” or “she can sell coals to Newcastle” or to go a step further, I read somewhere that there are individuals who can actually  “sell underwear to nudists…”

A closer look to the colossal collection of Sales Reps that the sales world collected since the need for trade was discovered only proves that using sales effort is a must where “need” is nowhere to be found. And since all monopoly roads closed, open markets dominate and vicious competition eliminated any possibilities for differentiation, I ask “Do you or your product still feel needed?” I guess you know the answer better than anyone and it possibly inclines towards no, unless you’re one of those who believe that your impeccable service is what characterizes you and yada yada…


What changed though and why does it have to be so unsettling?


  • We can all agree that the buying end of selling changed
  • Prospects can read between the lines; they see right through you and your product
  • Repletion in everything nourished fierce competition, eliminated differentiation
  • Social media being the number one influencer in the majority of decisions
  • AIDA model (Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action) is 116 years old (1898). Driving customers through the purchase funnel, is well… kind of irrelevant
  • Prospects might allow you to walk with them through their purchasing process; though they have no need, but no need whatsoever to walk with you through the selling process.

So if we agree that all of the above are painting the true picture, does this render sales obsolete? How is it even remotely possible for someone to perform under such conditions?


Food for thought


Forex sales reps continuously search for their identity. So let’s see… If you’re one to have excellent time management, you probably waste half the day, creating follow ups, writing CRM entries, categorizing your database, read like there’s no tomorrow before you decide to make a call. On the other hand if you’re one to have excellent number of calls, you probably have low if non existent time management efficiency, so you basically cross all your fingers and toes and hope for the best (other wise known as a call center operation).

You reached your targets by the middle of the month. Now what? Do you continue with a bigger end goal or do you call it a day? Where do you draw the line between what you say and how much of it you believe? To what length will you go to make a sale? Will you be pushy and make one hundred and thirty two follow ups or will you give up after your prospect said “don’t call me again”?

So many questions in one’s attempt to evaluate a sales person’s psychology. But do they really matter? Educating yourself on your environment, believing in your product, understanding your competitors, embracing the love/hate relationship for the sales role and most importantly respecting that there is a human being at the other end of the line are but a small sample of weapons in your armory to make you a great sales person.

And if somewhere in the process, you realize you’re one of those.. those charismatic individuals that can sell underwear to nudists (with a proven track record of sales), then what can a man say other than send an email at [email protected]… we suddenly have a job opening..