Sales Department Setup
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Something our own mentors used to say “Departments that are built around people are the most costly and least viable. Departments that are built around industry standards, competitive analysis and decades of experience, will be with you forever.”

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Start with a saleable product
completely new? we've got you covered
Without a product/service that is needed or required by a prospect, even the best forex sales people headhunted from competitors won’t do much.

A team is as strong as its weakest link. We make sure all links are knowledgeable and skillful to meet the demand of such a competitive environment.

Every department has a direct relationship to positive forex sales. We will support, remove or add links between them to allow maximum return.

Continue with targeted training for your team
Don't have a team? we'll start one from scratch


We pass on a lot of information in a short period of time. We aim to create proactive thinkers, rather than reactive customer support. The material that we use, consistent verbal communication and a learned/planned approach to the target/call is the key to harnessing talent.


From the head trainers to consultants, no matter who we send to train your team will have more than a decade of hands on experience in FX sales. The training schedules are custom drafted by allFX-Consult to fit the time frames and number of trainees for a successful outcome.


We’ve been known to share business with our network since the beginning. Our clients are also our partners and their success is of paramount importance. Our FAQ page explains how our Institutional Program shows our appreciation and allows us to grow with you.

Progress with Remote Sales Management (RSM)
Handle your team remotely from anywhere

Everyone’s hiring remote… What about you?

You asked
and it's finally here

Short to medium term engagement/retainer packages to manage your sales team remotely.

An excellent alternative to hiring a full time expensive sales manager and a step up from simply training a team.

We built a product and trained a strong team
Why stop there?
Competitive Approach
Our constantly updated deep industry research, allows us to stay ahead of market trends and give you, your competitive advantage

Revamp of CRM
Forget about trendy names and big corporations; there’s nothing like a strong money making system that’s not just a cool software

Highly effective Sales Team
We trained hundreds of forex sales people over the past 10+ years and we’ve seen it all. There’s no other sales training model in the world
Set up Operational Cycles
No more “it’s the other department’s fault”; clean operational work flows and cycles between departments, to work round the clock

Client acquisition is hard, but client retention is even harder. Without proper set ups and retention techniques, competition will take over
Interdepartmental Communication
You would be surprised how much management decisions on the policies and the procedures affect the final outcome of forex sales

Reduce the Sales Department cost by 75% in the first 6 months of operations. With a fraction of the cost of a full time Sales Director, no commissions charged on forex sales & earnings and measurable results in the first 2 months of on boarding our consultants.

A Forex Sales Department presents the biggest challenges

One of the most challenging departments of a brokerage

Get it right from the start
Revamp your sales structure
in three simple steps
Step 1

Contact us today – Just like your platform and website, sales is a must have tool. Without it, there’s no going forward

Step 2

Choose a direction – Once we identify the need, we’ll plan and start the process. Now you’re moving forward

Step 3

Set your targets – start building on top with structured content, people and product. Now sky is the limit

Let's begin
With step 1

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