How to attract forex leads and maintain an audience for your brokerage. 


If you are thinking about starting a brokerage or are already in the space, generating forex leads and retaining clients is surely on your mind. With 100’s of options available to traders, standing out and maintaining a loyal client base requires forethought, planning and action. Let’s jump into it and look at some key points requiring the attention of marketers with a goal of propelling your brokerage to new heights.



  • Mobile Dominance: With the widespread use of smartphones the rise of our dependance on them has also skyrocketed for everything from communication & social media to purchases and online payments. Research indicates that over 60% (some stated close to 70%) of trading-related searches are conducted via mobile devices. Make sure your site and platform are optimized for mobile use if you want to capture forex leads and keep your audience engaged.


  • Hearty Appetite (and we are not talking about food): Traders consume massive amounts of information on the markets and economy. Technical analysis, fundamental analysis and educational resources play a huge role in how they make trading decisions. If you have a hungry gang coming over for dinner, won’t you be loading up your fridge and prepare tasty dishes accordingly? Craft engaging content that will not only attract forex leads and potential traders but also foster loyalty and position your brokerage as an authority in the trading space.



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  • Social Proof Matters: Testimonials, reviews, and social media presence significantly influence the decision-making process of new forex leads and your current trader base. Positive (or negative) reviews and recommendations from fellow traders play a big role in whether or not someone will start trading with you. Actively engage on social platforms, and provide client testimonials on your channels and website and build credibility on review sites. Online reputation management solutions can help alleviate a lot of the heavy lifting here.


  • Search Engine Savvy: A lot is evolving when it comes to SERP results, AI is making SEO managers stay on their toes, but one thing is for sure: SEO is still massively important and will remain so for the foreseeable future. SEO matters, including strategy, keyword optimization, backlink building, and content marketing. Get to the point fast in your content so that potential forex leads are fed your results first. This works towards improved organic leads and improving your brokerage’s overall visibility.


  • Personalization Prevails: Gary V. said “The best marketing strategy ever: CARE” and we couldn’t agree more. How do we care as marketers? Build experiences tailored to their preferences and objectives. Use data analytics and customer segmentation to give you insights helping you deliver targeted marketing campaigns and personalized user journeys. Side note: We are happy to explore Business Intelligence solutions with you anytime 😊!


KYC is not just for compliance. Knowing your client, how and where they interact online and leveraging this across applicable marketing channels is crucial to attracting forex leads & retaining your desired trader base, and will give you a solid foundation enabling you to compete in today’s brokerage landscape.


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