forex white label
forex white label

What is a White Label Forex Broker?

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What is a White Label Forex Broker?

forex white label

For Startups

For Established

Quick Setup
Low cost
Min logistics
Expand products
Backup platform
Scale Up

For Startups

Quick Setup
Low cost
Min logistics

For Established

Expand products
Backup platform
Scale Up

When is a White Label not the right choice for your Forex Brokerage?

When your client base can’t support it

When you don’t have enough funds to scale

When you don’t have the capacity to grow

When you don’t have enough information

forex white label

Is a White Label the right choice for your forex brokerage?

So many options but there can be only one

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How to choose one broker


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How to choose one broker


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Partial Vs Full Forex White Label


A double edge sword for any brokerage

Partial White LabelLow cost$High payout, Limited ownership

A partial Forex White Label is only a brand. Because it holds no regulation it cannot hold client funds, it cannot direct liquidity, it cannot approve compliance functions on its own and it cannot rest data on its own CRM. It’s a great solution for startup businesses, that need low cost, high payouts and time to grow.


Partial Forex White Labels can get better terms of business because the established broker controls the majority of operations. The risk for the WL provider, is limited to the solicitation methods implemented by the PWL.


This is scrutinized heavily by the forex White Label provider, who can discontinue the partnership if the partner is in breach of terms. If the provider doesn’t take action, it faces penalties from its regulators, or even worse, the withdrawal of its license(s).


Good communication is a must from the beginning and its a harder deal to strike than a full Forex White Label. Some forex White Label providers, might opt to give better terms and support through an Introducer Broker program due to its similarities, to avoid the complexities of a partial White Label. 

Full White LabelHigh cost$High payout, Full ownership

A full forex White Label is not just a brand. To be eligible, it requires regulation that allows the company to hold client funds, it can direct liquidity, it can approve compliance functions and it can rest data on its own CRM with complete anonymity from the WL provider.


It can be a challenge for established brokers to White Label their trading platforms, due to the workload and risk associated, so interested parties should have existing business and a solid plan (already in place) that benefits both parties.


In a nutshell, the full White Label forex broker will receive a branded trading platform, price feed for instruments required, support with functions such as liquidity, back end systems, order processing, payment methods, even marketing and sales in a mutually beneficial deal.


Last but not least, any interested party should learn all about legal and compliance, search for expert partners (internally or outsourced), choose carefully for the right partner, decide on technology that caters to their specific market (region) and understand the costs of both setup and maintenance of the business.

Is the platform only web-based?

Is there support for online and offline promotions?

How flexible can you be?

Do upgrades come at a cost?

What added costs should worry a forex White Label?

Are API integrations for liquidity, price feed, payments, technical tools, marketing analytics in place?

What features are excluded from the price?

Do you get mobile apps?

How about maintenance support?

What costs does a Forex White Label have?

Technology and back-end support is the most important element of any trading business. Its reliability, scalability, popularity, will determine the success or failure of the business.

The cost depends on the provider, sometimes from the platform developers themselves such as the case of Metaquotes. At the time being, Metaquotes has 3 packages and charges a fixed monthly fee that ranges between $7,500 - $20,000.

The cost of regulation varies depending on the location. An EU license might cost the same as an offshore one, but the maintenance costs vary significantly. Where an offshore license can be maintained with less than $5,000, an EU license might need anywhere from $20,000-$100,000.

The scope of business, the target market, all other costs, the profitability and feasibility needs to be accounted prior to deciding where to setup the business.

Marketing costs in a saturated industry are extremely high. Every broker wants a piece of the market share, driving all costs up. With a CPA standing between $800 - $1,500, a White Label needs to account the cost associated per customer they onboard.

To deliver a message that is associated with a specific brand, takes time, resources and the right channels. In-house professionals or outsourced agencies come at a much needed cost that also needs to be accounted for.

A top trading platform is empty without price feed and liquidity. Access to top tier liquidity providers has a setup fee, a minimum charge if required volumes are not met and a volume commission on top.

Risk Management tools and expert dealers to take good care of order processing are essential but also come at a cost that needs to be taken into account.

Brokers need to diversify their payment methods. Trading is considered a high-risk business for banks, that tighten their constraints when on-boarding businesses from the industry. A White Label can use aggregators that connect it with whatever payment methods required, or individually that comes at a higher cost and KYC procedures.

Each provider, whether credit card or e-wallet, has procedures and costs for onboarding that need to be accounted for in the business plan and depend greatly on the region of planned business.

Professional human resource is abundant in certain jurisdictions (like Cyprus) but not s much in others. It is imperative for a White Label to surround itself with experienced individuals that can carry on tasks at will. Depending on the place of business and position, costs per employee can start from $2,000 monthly all the way to +$15,000.

Outsourcing is also an option, and allows for specialized support on specific functions like marketing, business development, compliance, training and administration.


White Labeling removes hurdles, allowing you to focus on all-things income

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