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Liquidity Lingo
Understanding the terminology
The deeper the liquidity, the more buyers and sellers are available at any given time
The market where forex is traded between large (privately held) banks
Measures time between quoting a price and confirming the trade
When a buy or sell order is confirmed and fulfilled by the broker
Tiers of LPs - Large banks and financial institutions are the top tier (or Tier 1) LPs of the market
FIX = Financial Information Xchange. API = Application Programming Interface

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The elements that need to be leak-proof:



Regulation & Reputation – Understand who you are working with.

Execution & Pricing


Ideally no requotes/rejections, with price transparency post trade. Spreads and commissions should be competitive, and overnight or other fees low.

Technology & Support


A strong LP will not just have the above down to a T, but will also have a strong tech suite and infrastructure in place to support integrations and tools.

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