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With medium costs and strong regulatory framework, one of the best options for EU regulations, home to over 250 IFs


With high license renewal costs and capital requirements, ensuring that only the strong will survive


With medium sized capital requirements that can later be used for operations and a corporate account guaranteed


One of the strongest, most reputable jurisdictions to choose from. Tight supervision, controlled outcome.


With local office and employee prerequisites, medium sized capital requirements, great incentives


Local office (after the amendment act of 2018) is now a must but with no capital requirements


Not for the faint hearted,with 1 million in capital requirements and a long background in supervising brokers


With no capital or office requirements since there is no regulation, simply register and start your operation


South Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bulgaria, Belarus, Mauritius, BVI, Cayman Islands and more to come

How to start a forex brokerage
simplified operational chain
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Research & planning
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Register a company
With license or not
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Setup your banking
Direct or other
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Build a website
Add info from plan
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Buy Platform/CRM/BO
W.Label/full license
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Connect PSPs & wallets
Direct/Payment Agent
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