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Privacy Policy

Any individual who accesses allFX-Consult website, former or existing client, and/or anyone who has never entered into business transactions with allFX-Consult, is considered a visitor.

A visitor may access all information included in the allFX-Consult website; he/she does that on his/her own responsibility.

By registering with or accessing the allFX-Consult website, the visitors consent to the collection and use of their personal data.

allFX-Consult web site contains information on the type of services we offer as well as financial instruments (market information and news).

allFX-Consult does not assume responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided on this website in respect to third party applications and information.

allFX-Consult does not warrant, endorse, guarantee or assume responsibility for any own and/or third party articles displayed in sections of the website, including their accuracy, or the intellectual property rights in or relating to such articles. By using this website you expressly relieve allFX-Consult from any and all liability arising from such articles.

allFX-Consult owns the copyright for all information provided on this site, unless stated otherwise.

All content listed under our Articles Section can be uploaded and shared though Social Media, with a reference link back to allFX-Consult website. You are not allowed to redistribute the content without this reference link.

Visitors of allFX-Consult may use the website information for view only; the information provided is not to be used as an advice for carrying transactions on any of the financial instruments illustrated in the website.

Visitors acknowledge that trading forex and CFD’s is risky and they should not invest money that can not afford to lose. Visitors thinking of entering in contractual agreement with a broker for investment services, are strongly urged to visit the CySEC website, especially the licensed members section Licensed Members to make sure the broker is indeed regulated.

allFX-Consult website contains links to other sites. We are not responsible for the information published on these sites and you are strongly urged to read their terms and conditions and privacy policies on use of personal data, before entering into any transactions with them.

Access to the website is strictly prohibited to underage individuals (under 18 years of age). allFX-Consult bears no responsibility towards any individual who may access the web site illegally.

allFX-Consult website uses Google Analytics Advertising Features.

allFX-Consult and third-party vendors use first-party cookies (such as the Google Analytics cookie) or other first-party identifiers, and third-party cookies (such as the DoubleClick cookie) or other third-party identifiers together.

Visitors of the allFX-Consult website can opt-out of the Google Analytics Advertising Features we use, including through Ads Settings, Ad Settings for mobile apps, or any other available means (for example, the NAI’s consumer opt-out).

allFX-Consult may collect personal information from its website visitors as well as phone discussions and/or email transactions. Such information can be used by the company for promotional use of our services and/or marketing materials, to enquire of our services or trainings. You may request to unsubscribe from such promotions by notifying the team member that is in contact with you or sending an email request at the contact details provided through the website.

allFX-Consult priority is the protection of the privacy of the website’s visitors and clients as we may disclose information about them to our staff, affiliates, representatives, their affiliated businesses, and third parties only after receiving prior approval and for the purposes of providing best quality services to cater their requests.

allFX-Consult scope of work as a mediator, forces some personal information to be exchanged. This exchange of information occurs to facilitate the deal at hand and on a strictly confidential manner. If Non Disclosure Agreements are needed to be signed before this exchange of information, it is imperative to be explained in writing before introduction and it is the responsibility of the parties to be introduced.

allFX-Consult reserves the right to change and/or update the terms and conditions, privacy policy and website use any time. Visitors are responsible for regular reading of this documentation as they are changed and/or updated from time to time but always publicly available on the website.

Terms of business

The client acknowledges that all information provided publicly on the allFX-Consult website including but not limited to the privacy policy, the risk disclosure and the disclaimer are read, understood and agreed upon, before entering in a contractual agreement with allFX-Consult.

The information provided through the service of allFX-Consult, is provided for educational and/or information purposes only; it is not intended to be a substitute of work performed by full time employees of the client. The client acknowledges to have qualified personnel, approved by the CySEC to accept or discard this information and act in the best interest of the company and its investors, in accordance with the relevant and applicable laws of the Republic of Cyprus governing the conduct of executives and employees of a CIF, as regulated and supervised by CySEC.

The client does not have any legal insufficiency or disability with respect to, and is not subject to any law or regulation which prevents its performance of, the agreement or any contract contemplated by this agreement and is of legal age;

In the case of traders, they carefully considered the financial risk involved in trading Contracts for Difference, and are willing to assume such risks associated with this type of investment, and wish to proceed to establish a relationship with a potential broker.

The client has obtained all necessary consents and has the authority to enter into an agreement (and if the client is a company it is properly empowered and has obtained necessary corporate or other authority pursuant to its constitutional and organizational documents);

All advance sums made by way of deposit or security shall be subject to an agreement with allFX-Consult, at all times be free from any charge, lien, pledge or encumbrance;

The client is in compliance with all laws to which it is subject including, without limitation, all tax laws and regulations, exchange control requirements and registration requirements;

The information provided by the client is true and accurate, and not misleading in any material respect;

The client is obligated to inform allFX-Consult immediately in case of any changes.

The authors of articles warrant they have all rights in and to their articles; that they have obtained the necessary permissions, if any, for allFX-Consult to use the articles and they have granted allFX-Consult and our affiliates a royalty-free, unrestricted, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive and fully transferable, assignable, and sub-licensable right and license to use, host, store, copy, reproduce, modify, adapt, print, publish, translate, create derivative works or new works such as translations from, distribute, publish, publicly perform, display, and distribute such content (in whole or part), and/or to incorporate the content in other works in any form, media, or technology now known or later developed, including for promotional and/or commercial purposes, and to authorize others to do so.

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