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Listening Vs Brains…or something like that

If you’re a sales rep and you’re reading this, I ask you; how many times did you give proposals to your management about needs of your portfolio and how many of those times, did they actually listen?

If you’re a company and you’re reading this I ask you; how do you know that your corporate decisions on your offerings, are really what the market needs? How many times did you reject ideas deriving off your sales people and your employees in general?

It is an unfortunate fact; companies tend to think “brains” are all it takes to establish a good business plan and tend to forget that keeping eyes and ears open are equally important. Who better to fill this role than the ones who actually interact with the market, the potential customers, the already existing customers, the industry itself?

Decisions made out of “we will be the leaders because we’re different only served a few back in the stone age when differentiation was still an option. Especially in the forex industry, there is so much competition, with so similar offerings that unless we follow the industry trends, we are most definitely not going to go anywhere.

Comments in Social Media platforms show people who lose their identity in order to be accepted in communities and find prospects. No argument here; it’s a tactic that adds to their numbers. And if it works why would we say no to numbers or the era of whatever it is that exceeds quotas? “Good old cold calls” replaced by “good new cold commenting” in the Social vortex.

Due to the nature of this business, sales people are treated harshly and sometimes unfairly. Their opinions many times are sidelined because notions like “oh, they’re in it only for the money” or “they would do or say anything for the money” are still alive. In this constant fight to keep up with the trends and competition, can you honestly say this makes sense to you?. Successful companies are empowering employees by combining their “brains” and plans with the eyes and ears of their soldiers; the market has a voice and it moves in directions. All we need to do is keep eyes/ears open and listen.

If we can agree that sales equals income while everything else is an expense, i’m sure we can also agree that the notion includes management and “bosses”.

So ask yourself, would you rather be poor but a “boss”? or a wealthy sales administrator?

What will you do the next time one of your Sales Reps comes to you with an idea?

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